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Level 2 Award in 
Using Abrasive Wheels Safely

3 hour


3 year certificate

Up to 14 people


all inclusive

Course Factsheet

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Who is it for?

Learners who use abrasive wheels or other grinding and cutting tools, including basic handheld or bench tools, or people who need a complete introduction to the equipment. This training course is deisgned to meet requirements under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. 

Course Content

  • Laws & Regulations

  • Abrasive Wheel and the Varying Types.

  • Safety Markings of an Abrasive Wheel.

  • Speed ConsiderationsHazards and Precautions.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

  • Storage & Handling.

  • Inspection and Methods of Testing for Damage.

  • Abrasive Wheel Machine Components.

  • Guarding.

  • Mounting Procedures


  • Multiple choice theory test paper

  • Practical demonstration using abrasive wheel equipment

Learning Options

The following learning options are available for this course:​

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