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Level 2 Award in 
Safe Handling & Administration of Medicines

3 hour


3 year certificate

Up to 14 people


all inclusive

Course Factsheet

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Who is it for?

This award is suitable for learners that require the information to ensure the safe handling and administration of medications in a healthcare or education setting. Covering a wide range of topics relating to the safe handling and administration of medication within the healthcare and education industry, it would be suitable for job roles that require training under The Medicines Act. This course is also suitable for those that complete controlled drug schedules. 

Course Content

  • Legislation

  • The 8 Rights of Administration

  • Classification of Medication

  • Routes into The Body

  • Maintaining Records

  • Types & Reasons for Errors

  • Storing & Disposal

  • Self-administration 

  • Allergies and Overdoses


  • Multiple choice theory test paper

Learning Options 

The following learning options are available for this course:​

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