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Level 2 Award in 
Moving & Hoisting People Safely

6 hour


3 year certificate

Up to 14 people


all inclusive

Course Factsheet

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Manual Handling 


Who is it for?

This course is designed to provide the learner with skills & knowledge to move, assist and hoist the person they are supporting in a safe and secure manner. Great emphasis is placed on the privacy, security and comfort of the person being supported. Ideal for people whose roles involve moving people safely from chairs, beds, wheelchairs, slide sheets and portable/ceiling hoists in a health & social care setting. 

Course Content

  • Legislation

  • Spine & Musculoskeletal System

  • Risk Assessment

  • Effective Communication

  • How we Work as a Team

  • Care and Support Plans

  • Chair Based Moving and Assisting

  • Bed Based Moving and Assisting 

  • Safe Use of a Wheelchair

  • Hoist Pre-Use Safety Checks

  • Safe Use of a Hoist


  • Multiple choice theory test paper

  • Practical application of correct technique by the learner

Learning Options

The following learning options are available for this course:​

  • In-House Training (as detailed above)

  • External Accreditation (additional costs may apply)

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