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Level 3 Award in 
Fire Safety & the Fire Marshal

3½ hour


3 year certificate

Up to 14 people


all inclusive

Course Factsheet

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Who is it for?

This course is designed for learners to build an understanding of fire safety management and the specific roles and responsibilities related to fire safety in the workplace. This award is suitable for anyone who has a specific responsibility for fire safety in the workplace, such as designated fire wardens/fire marshals.

Course Content

  • The Fire Triangle

  • Backdraught and Flashover

  • Fire Risk Assessment

  • Fire Evacuation Plans

  • Training and Drills

  • Maintenance and Servicing

  • Use of the Fire Extinguisher

  • Fire Safety Equipment

  • Managing Fire Risk Factors


  • Multiple choice theory test paper

Learning Options

The following learning options are available for this course:​

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