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COVID-19 What you can expect going forward...

The impact of the Coronavirus has been beyond anything most people could have predicted and what an effect it has had on everyone's lives. The impact has touched everyone across the country and the wider world.

We wish your business all the very best during this challenging time and wanted to update you with what Action Point Training has been doing since the lock down and how we can help you.

With the unexpected downtime, like many businesses, we have attempted to turn the negative into a positive! Our business has been using the lock down to refresh our website with a more updated look. Our website has been further optimised for mobile so you can see all the info you need on your smartphone and on your tablet. We have also refreshed our social media feeds so you can keep up to date with all the 'goings on' and latest news.

We have made further updates and improvements to our Level 1, 2 and 3 awards. This attests to the high standards we maintain at Action Point Training. You should expect the very best up to date course content and the unexpected downtime has allowed us to bring forward planned updates to our courses including updates to legislation. Our PowerPoint presentations have also been overhauled to create a more modern engaging look to keep learners engaged. We have looked at ways to make courses even more interactive than they already are. We have added more group activities and quizzes.

We know some of our clients have been suffering terribly but we want to assure you that Action Point Training is ready and waiting to help you meet your legal obligations once you are in a position to book.

Remember, we are just a telephone call away for free advice. Speak to us about flexible terms and we will be more than happy to help.

The team at Action Point Training & Consultancy Ltd.

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