How we provide Safe & Socially Distanced Training During COVID-19



All training will be undertaken in the strictest of COVID-19 protocols following guidance by NHS England and the HSE. We want to reassure our customers that the health and wellbeing of our learners, trainers and the wider public is our number 1 priority. No chances will be taken with your health. Please read our protocols below. We welcome any questions or queries. 

Challenging times
As our current clients will know, we believe communication is key to a prosperous working relationship. It is with this is mind that we lay out out COVID-19 safe and socially distant training rules. Your priority and ours is the safety of our respective members of staff. We have devised the standards laid out below in conjunction with our clients, government advice and standards issued by awarding bodies to ensure the safety of all members of our teams. Our responsibility to you is to take the safety of learners incredibly seriously. The standards laid out below are approved by Health & Safety Executive and NHS England.

Risk Assessed Training Environments
As required under government guidelines, we have undertaken a robust risk assessment into all our training operations to ensure we are providing safe and socially distanced training. We are approved training providers for blended learning which means we can offer most of our theory training on a virtual basis via Zoom. For those courses that are undertaken in a classroom based environment, we will ensure that all learners are spaced x2 metres apart, the room is well ventilated and there is a sanitising station available. We have further measures in place for first aid and people handling training. 

Sanitising Station
Each training environment will have a sanitising station for learners to make good use of. The sanitising station will contain alcohol hand gel, special wipes and disinfectant sprays. Learners will be encouraged to use these after each session or break.

Learner Hygiene Packs
If your course involves first aid or people handling you will be issued with a hygiene pack for use during the course. These particular courses involve practical assessment to achieve the course criteria. Most practical activity can be achieved in a solo assessment, however there is a small part of the practical assessment where 2 metre social distance cannot be maintained. In these circumstances, as recommended by government advice, gloves and face mask must be worn. 

First Aid Training Hygiene Pack: CPR Face Shield, Vinyl Gloves, Dressing & Bandage
People Handling Hygiene Pack: Vinyl Gloves and Face Mask

Face Coverings
As per government advice, face coverings must be worn if 2 metre social distancing cannot be maintained. If your session is a classroom training session, please can all learners arrive wearing a face covering until you are seated in your designated chair within a 2 metre bubble. The mask can then be removed if the learners wishes. We advise that face coverings are at least '3 ply'. 

How we provide safe and socially distanc